Stephen Lawrence Ramp Project 



A 'local' Hackney project, the clients were an extended musical family with jazz musicians, a classical and modern composer, and BBC music producer. The project started as a new dining space, but evolved into a mediated interlude. The new space links from the music studio (first floor), grand piano (ground floor), to the dining and kitchen via a music box . The cube is a 2m cube that can be a musicians gallery, sleep space or meditative escape. It sits out over the alleyway between the houses and opens up into a double height space. This tall chamber has light from the north sky, a window to the studio, a copper relief panel, 'Moving 3', and the oak shutters of the music box opening into it. The construction used many Hackney connections and techniques.

Moving Architecture from Clarence Mews manipulated the planners in their particular way. Cabinet makers Joshua Dumond and Lars Frideen, also based in Clarence Mews constructed the music box and windows. Ray Shepherd was the remarkable main contractor. He helped with Hackney based octagarian coppersmith, Terry Bennett (he worked on the Festival Hall Roof) who manipulated the zinc into its position. Hackney resident Adaesi Ukairo, a sculptor in metals, created the copper panel 'Moving 3'. Hemp insulation was inserted into the engineered timber frame and panelvent was used for sheathing to allow the wall to 'breathe'. The outer cladding was a combination of plywood and zinc.  Internally (box and floor) and on the windows oak was used with walnut in the kitchen. The budget was a tight £60,000.

For Moving Architecture: Dimitris Markakis & Heidi Lee, graduates of the University of Greenwich,  Cabinetmakers: Joshua Dumond & Lars Frideen, Contractor: Ray Shepheard, Coppersmith: Terry Bennett, Sculptor: Adaesi Ukairo, Engineer: Mervyn Rodrigues. Project published in Elle Deco May 2010 and Nominated for the Hackney Design Awards.